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Thank you To "Link"

in Dedicated To and Thank You To... Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:21 pm
by featherless • 604 Posts

I have one that sounds somewhat dumb but it's true none the less. I don't have many memories of my father but I do have
some happy ones. I loved to play the original Legend of Zelda with my father. It was something we shared. When he would
let me control his file player I felt like he was trusting me with him life since he told me that Link was him and he could loose
lives. I misunderstood a little.

I was a very small girl and I still am so men
and other little boys would pick on me...but no one picked on Zelda even if they were a boss and were bigger than him.
When I played Zelda I got to be Link and be a hero that could protect myself. So since I can remember Link has been my
hero and a shining example of the perfect man. That is why no matter what Dru and Falcon and every other good male
in my story are so honor bound. Link doesn't have to save Hyrule. He choose to do the right thing no matter what
and that quality is show in Samantha. Her heart is just as pure as Links. So thank you Link, my absolute hero and ideal
man. (Except I want a man who is able to talk back to me not just nod.) I own every Zelda game in every format they come in.

It's kind of creepy not only does my best friend in the whole wide world Hunter look just like Link so
does Falcon. So does every guy I make the starring role. I wonder.....

Another weird fact, I look like that. I wonder if Zelda shaped me because I knew I would win over Link If i looked like her?

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