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(Breck enters the room and Heidi is sitting on the sofa.)
Breck: What do you want?
Heidi: She doesnít want you.
Breck: Samantha?
(Heidi is suddenly standing right in front of Breck-just get up and walk this is a special effect from script)
Heidi: You disgust me
Breck: You are vile
(Heidi and Breck kiss.)
Heidi: You always know what I want
Breck: Tell me something
Heidi: Breck, please donít
Breck: Just tell something; tell me that you love me. Tell me that you always wanted my love. Tell me that Breck was just there for the sex. Answer me this question.
Heidi: Donít ask. I already know you question and answer
Breck: Why, why donít youÖ.
Heidi: I donít love you. I donít love either of you. You are both just there for the sex
(Heidi pushes him away)
Breck: Damn it!
Heidi: Donít ask questions you donít want answers to.
Breck: Heidi
Heidi: I smell it on you. Humanity. A Vampire of the Gods cannot allow something so foolish to seep into them.
Breck: You evil bitch
Heidi: That I am. That I am. Go play love is eternal house somewhere else. This is why I like Breck. He is truly heartless hot and heavy sex.
Breck: what are we to you?
Heidi: Sex toys, go to men and fun play things. You are my life size ken dolls and nothing else
Breck: Go to hell
Heidi: Been there, done that got the T-shirt
Breck: Now you can burn in
(Breck leaves)

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