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(Darell rushes up to Sam)
Darell: Sam!
Sam: Yes, Darell?
Darell: Sam I need you help with something
Sam: Okay tell me what you need my help with
Darell: So, there is this girl I like
Sam: Oh? Let me guess she doesn’t know how you feel?
Darell: Right. I want to ask her out but I am afraid she will say no
Sam: Darell you’re a totally fun guy and a good friend she should like that about you
Darell: yes, but see she is my really, really good friend
Sam: Oh? Well just ask her out, letting things become awkward between you because you don’t ask is just as bad as letting things get awkward if she says no. Just take a chance
Darell: Alright, I am going to take a chance
Sam: I have a feeling she’ll say yes
Darell: You think you know who it is?
Sam: Yes, I have a good idea
Darell: Who then?
Sam: Krista.
Darell: Right, you never did think it was you did you?
Sam: I know you better than that, Darell. You have been in love with Krista since kindergarten

Darell: Krista?
Krista: Darell?
Darell: Krista, I was uh...I was uh-well, maybe-we...then again...if it is alright you know? I mean...well..what do you think?
Krista: What?
Darell: That came out wrong. I kind of...well you see. I am free Friday.
Krista: Okay that’s really great for you
Darell: That wasn’t what I meant to say...I meant are you free Friday?
Krista: Are you asking me out Darell?
Darell: Yes.
Krista: I would love to
Darell: That is really....yah
Krista: Really what?
Darell: I meant to say great it just....well...uh...
Krista: Wouldn’t come out?
Darell: Right...right that’s what I was trying to say. I uh...I’m going to go before I make a bigger fool of myself.

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