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Sky, whatís up babe?
Oh, nothing much, Iím just ready
And waiting for you. If I remember
Right you owe me some...kicks
Well letís get upstairs and bang
Some headboards
Well you know
Keishi walks into scene
Hey Mr. Little Prick what are you
Up to
Who is this little whore?
Me? Iím the girl of last week. Get
In, Get off Get out.
Have you ever considered the fact?


Cast: Betsy, Brenda, Sam, Karolette, Keishi, Mara

Betsy: So did you hear about that new guy?

Brenda: Like I really care Bets

Sam: I care. Which new guy?

Keishi: Dru. That super hot hottie. Who else could she be talking about?

Sam: Falcon. Duh!

Mara: I like keep thinking theyíre the same person

Sam: that sounds like you Mara

Mara: It is me, who else would I sound like

Betsy: Anyway, I hear he is a transfer from Washington State!

Brenda: Really, maybe he is a vampire. Like anyone would want to date a vampire.

Karolette: I would, he could really help me do all my cheer stunts.

Brenda: How would that work?

Karolette: Duh, Vampires can do anything, so he would totally be able to toss me in the air and never drop me, like some people.

Keishi: Would you let that go already?
Karolette: You dropped me, because David Walker winked at you!

Keishi: I couldnít help it, he wanted my number

Betsy: SO! Anyway Dru hasnít asked any girls out yet, but he talks a lot about Sammie

Sam: Me? I am so into Falcon

Keishi: Play the field baby girl. How may me want you again, letís see. (counts off names of her fingers) Justin. Bradly. Dru. Falcon. Danielle. Harrison. Carver. Alexander.

Sam: I get it, Kei.

Keishi: Just saying

Betsy: I saw Falcon kiss Marissa Loosell.

Sam: Loose Loosell? Does he want an STD?

Betsy: Probably.

Keishi: Just tap him already Girlfriend. I mean I totally would.

Sam: You tap everything

Brenda: I agree

Betsy: You love to tap

Karolette: Tap addicted

Mara: I wouldnít tap him, he isnít full of beer

Sam: Mara

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