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Minuet: You cannot just expect me to stand here and watch this
Mercy: There is nothing that you can do, sometimes the innocence is lost
Minuet: Look here you did not bring me back to life to watch people die
Mercy: Some people cannot be saved it is the way that life works, sometimes you cannot win
Minuet: I do not understand what you mean
Mercy: Matthew the older brother is going to die...because with his death and the teachings he leaves behind his younger brother Alexander will save thousands of lives. Alex fights for the equality of African Americans and helps to bring about a better world. The world that you came from. This has to happen if Matthew lives then the emotional impact will never change Alexander
Minuet: That is not fair! I cannot just stand on the sidelines and see an innocent soul be tormented, he is dying in a fire! The worse way to die and I would know because that is how I lost my life. Your whole body feels as though you are melting away and yet you are still there. You can feel your nerves slowly dying one by one as you are paralyzed. You scream out and yet you hear nothing, how can I let someone be like that?
Mercy: Go in. Save him from the flames, but the I will come for him.
Minuet: You?
Mercy: I am not just your helper, I am the angel of death. I lead you to souls who are not meant to die. Matthew saved his brother and has gone in after his baby brother. Save them, both of them but realize that in that hospital room once he has told his brother never to forget why he did this then I shall take his soul and there is nothing you can do about it

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