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Film Schedule July-Nov

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If the dates change the actors will be notified who are in that shoot. If you do not see your role it is because it is not in
movie one and the dates are not ready for that role! Those in movie one other than (Extras, Small Parts, Bonnie-Kate,
Mazeena two, Mazeena Three, Mazeena one) will have dates in other movies as well

Note: Be prepared for a non-paid day fitting for costumes the day before your first film of each month
Note: Be prepared for a non-paid day at Saloon day (we pay for the saloon part) the day before your first film

July 20th: Samantha, Isabelle, Jennifer, Mazeena One, Falcon, Dru, Cannibal Coven Extras, Evil Man, Air Port Extras
July 27th: Jennifer, Samantha, Falcon, Isabelle

Aug 1: Amy, Samantha, Falcon, Jennifer
Aug 3: Jennifer, Samantha, Falcon, Falcon (As Belthazar)
Aug 8: Melzabar, Killian, Samantha, Model Teen Boy, Model Woman, Model Man
Aug 10: Mariah, Rochelle, Seana, Kaia, Halloween Children Extras, High School Children Extras, Samantha, Falcon
Aug 15: Melody, Kerri, Frederick, Christian, Samantha, Isabelle, Coven Extras
Aug 17: Samantha, Falcon
Aug 22: Pre-Teen Falcon, Council Man One, Council Man Two, Council Man Three,
Aug 24: Samantha, Molly, Jane, Jarred, James, Falcon, Dru, Christian, Zanders, Odette, Melody, Kerri, Amy, Mazeena Two,
Mariah, Patrick
Aug 29: Mazeena Three, Falcon, Dru, Samantha, Sky
Aug 31: Falcon, Samantha, Falcon (As Belthazar)

Sep 5: Zachary, Zanders, Falcon, Samantha (As Katherine) Gramhach, Bonnie-Kate, Samantha, Falcon (As Belthazar)
Sep 7: Falcon, Dru, Mazeena One, Samantha
Sep 12: Dru, Samantha, Salesperson, Diamon Store Extras
Sep 14: Patrick, Zanders, Samantha, Dru
Sep 19: Samantha, Dru
Sep 21: Falcon, Samantha, Nurse, Sick Woman, Mazeena one
Sep 26: Priest, Dru, Samantha (As Katherine), Gramhach, Bonnie-Kate, Kian, Mandi, Wedding Extras
Sep 28: Falcon, Dru, Samantha

Oct 3: Samantha, Isabelle, Christian, Molly, James, Amy, Frederick, Kerri, Melody, Jane, Jarred
Oct 5: Christian, Zanders, Samantha, Single Extra
Oct 10: Samantha
Oct 12: Falcon, Samantha
Oct 17: Falcon, Samantha, Dru
Oct 19: Odette, Samantha, Falcon, Dru, Patrick, Zanders
Oct 24: Samantha, Bonnie-Kate, Falcon, Mass One, Mass Two
Oct 26: Bonnie-Kate, Mass One, Mass Two, Falcon, Samantha

Nov 2: Bonnie-kate, Gramhach, Falcon, Samantha, Mass One, Mass Two
Nov 7: Falcon, Samantha
Nov 9: Falcon, Samantha, Odette, Dru
Nov 14: Falcon, Samantha, Extras

All Storylines, Titles, Written Works, Drawn Works and Characters of EACH and EVERY series presented on this sight are under copyright protection of Katherine Petersdorf. The reproduction of those listed above is illegal and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law

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