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I noticed....

in Ask Kat Wed May 18, 2011 7:48 pm
by Vampire Lover • 23 Posts

I noticed on your facebook (im not a stalker, just a fan) that you were making some good casting progress and then you listed a bunch of characters and that you found good people for them and stuff so does that mean that you are going to cast them and you will post the pictures of them on this website soon? And what is the budget for the film? (sorry if thats to personal i was just wondering) and who do you want to send it to? like do you want it to get in the movie theaters or is it going to be on abc family or what?

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RE: I noticed....

in Ask Kat Wed May 18, 2011 9:09 pm
by featherless • 604 Posts

Hoping for movie theaters or straight to DVD. I went to a major network, for their privacy I will leave them un named, and
they wanted to change every single little thing about the books. So I said pretty much, in nice terms, screw you I can do
it myself I grew up on camera with a director mother.

I'd have to pull up sheets for the buget but it is over 1 million for sure

Yes I plan to cast them we are working on which headshots are best for them. my Arched Wing Series facebook page and
my Movie Cast topic on this forum have those cast pictures up as I get them.

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