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Johnny "Johnathan"

in Wing Series Audition Sides Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:50 pm
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Johnny and SAMANTHA are sitting on the sofa; they have been talking for a while now
Johnny: SAMANTHA. You are in grave danger
SAMANTHA touches Johnny, he jerks away from her.
SAMANTHA: Danger? From you?
Johnny: Yes and no. I am not the only one. We all want you SAMANTHA. You and that blasted mirror. You cannot even trust me, I could hurt you without even thinking about it. The only person who will never hurt you is Bain.
SAMANTHA: Bane? Like Banebridge? I don’t know a…
Johnny: No! B.A.I.N. Not Banebridge! Bain is my twin brother
SAMANTHA: Twin! As in there is another Johnny? That is so one too many perfect men
Johnny: Yes, but I wouldn’t say he is as perfect as me
SAMANTHA: Uh…did I say that last part out loud?
Johnny: (Nods) He is just like you though, a pure hearted person that sacrifices himself for the sake of love and justice.
SAMANTHA: Johnny! What is really going on?
Johnny: It is better that you never know
SAMANTHA: I am not a child! Do not treat me like a little girl! I can handle it without freaking out. If I can fight a demon and have my heart almost ripped out then I can fight you for the truth
Johnny: No you cannot! DEMON LIKE NAME is not your worst enemy! I am not human! I am not a demon! I am a worthless half breed. (Johnny pushes her to the ground) Your world is littered with us, the inbetweens. Vampire, Half Demons ,Mermaids, Werewolves! People like us are meta-human. We will never be normal and for that we are out cast. SAMANTHA you have a golden choice, if you stop loving unconditionally and sacrifice the world you can be normal. You can give up this destiny.
SAMANTHA: No! I will not be your little guilt trip, Mister Greyson! I am choosing this, I am choosing to be a hero! I am choosing to be with you at all costs. (Long pause. They look at each other intently.) I want to be normal. However I am not normal. Just like I could not let you kill Bonnie-Kate I will never allow you to torment yourself like this. I am going to save the world if it kills me
Johnny: It may
SAMANTHA: Johnny, I care about you so much
Johnny: Why?
SAMANTHA: You make me alive. I don’t care about your flaws. I want you for who you are, not if ands of buts.
Johnny: I am a half demon
SAMANTHA: I don’t care
SAMANTHA: I still want you
Johnny: I have a large ego, and sometimes cheat
SAMANTHA: I like ego-centric men and will let you do anything just to keep you
Johnny: Only half of me can love you
SAMANTHA: Half is better than nothing
Johnny: I will always be part evil
SAMANTHA: That is a lie.
Johnny: I love you

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