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Isabelle is tied to a chair in this scene and Zachary is talking to her.

Isabelle: What are you expecting me to say, Zachary?

Zachary: I am expecting you tell be up front with me. Where is Samantha?

Isabelle: Ask Odette. She did tell you honestly that she gave Sky free rein on the course of Falcon’s future. Well Falcon’s future revolves around Sammie.

Zachary: (Slaps Isabelle) Shut up

Isabelle: (Smiles) It’s killing you isn’t it?

Zachary: What do you think is killing me?

Isabelle: You are angry that I look like her.

Zachary: (Turns his back on Isabelle.) Don’t be foolish

Isabelle: Did you really love her? Did it rip your heart out when she betrayed you? Did you lose your heart when she slept with your brother?

Zachary: shut up! (Grabs Isabelle and tosses her onto the bed.) What do you think you are doing you stupid bitch. I could do this in a second?

Isabelle: Kill me?

Zachary: Take you. You are her and I wouldn’t think twice about enjoying this body of yours.

Isabelle: Then do it.

Zachary: Don’t tempt me. (Zachary kisses Isabelle. As they kiss he unties her hands.)

Isabelle: What do you want me to say?

Zachary: I love you.

Isabelle: (Kisses Zachary) I love you….

Zachary: Oh, Isabelle

Isabelle: Call me her name.

Zachary: Oh, Cassiopeia. (Kisses Isabelle)

Isabelle: Fool (Waving her hand out)

(Isabelle appears on the other side of the room)

Isabelle: I can teleport when I am able to wave my hand out! (Isabelle waves her hand and disappears)

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