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6/11/11 Dates-ONLY movie one

in Weekly Updates Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:50 pm
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Dates are always subject to change, I am sorry if they do this change in dates was for reasons beyond my control

*These dates have been changed to suit the needs of my male lead and my under age actors*

JULY 2011
20th: Isabelle, Christian, Melody, Kerri, Frederick, Samantha

25th: Isabelle, Christian, Melody, Kerri, Frederick, Samantha, Coven Member Extras

1st: Christian, Melody, Coven Member Extras

3rd: Christian, Zanders, Samantha, High School Extras, Coven Member Extra

8th: Killian, Melzabar, Samantha, Dead Boy

10th: Samantha

15th: TBA (For non-movie one scenes)

17th: TBA (For non-movie one scenes)

22nd: Odette, Samantha

24th: Pre-Teen Falcon, Council Member One, Council Extras

29th: Samantha, Odette, Mazeena Three

31st: Samantha, Woman With Wing Soul

SEP 2011
TBA (for non-movie one scenes)

OCT 2011
3rd: Falcon/Dru, Sky, Samantha, Diner Extras

5th: Falcon/Dru, Zanders, Patrick, Samantha

10th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru

12th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru, Odette

17th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru

19th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru, Mariah, Halloween High School Extras

24th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru, Bonnie-Kate, Mass One, Mass Two

26th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru, Bonnie-Kate, Mass One, Mass Two

31st: Samantha, Falcon/Dru, Bonnie-Kate, Mass One, Mass Two, Gramhach


2nd: Zachary, Zanders, Falcon/Dru, Gramhach, Bonnie-Kate, Samantha,

7th: Falcon/Dru, Mazeena One, Samantha, Dead Woman

9th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru, Nurse, Sick Woman

14th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru

16th: Sky, Mazeena Three, Samantha, Falcon/Dru

21st: Bonnie-Kate, Kian, Family Extra, Wedding Extra, Samantha, Falcon/Dru, Priest, Gramhach, Mandi

23rd: Falcon/Dru, Samantha, Isabelle

28th: Samantha, Falcon/Dru

30th: Falcon/Dru, Samantha

DEC 2011

5th: Falcon/Dru, Samantha, Salesperson, Store Extra

7th: Falcon/Dru, Samantha

12th: Falcon/Dru, Samantha, Zanders, Patrick

19th: Falcon/Dru, Samantha, Jennifer

21st: Falcon/Dru, Christian, Zanders, Patrick, Mariah, Jane, Jarred, Frederick, Amy, Kerri, Melody, Samantha, Witch Extra, Coven Extra, Molly, James, Mazeena Two

26th: Falcon/Dru, Jennifer, Isabelle, Christian, Molly, James, Kerri, Melody, Frederick, Amy, Samantha. Jane, Jarred

28th: Falcon/Dru, Jennifer, Isabelle, Samantha, Evil Man One, Evil Man Two, Christian, Evil Man Three, Mazeena One

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