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Your freshman year at college is meant to be a time of rediscovering yourself. Every girl that was not
popular in high school and wanted to be now has a chance to drop a few pounds, get dolled up and do what-
ever it takes to become wanted. It is a time to learn new things and trying new things. I guess in the end,
looking backwards I did all of the above.
My name is Lina MacBride. I just turned 18 this summer and headed off to college in the middle of
nowhere. A place I think the natives called Wyoming. I thought it would finally be my chance to really become
someone, get a boyfriend and do all the things I dreamed of.
Yes at 18 Im still a virgin who was only kissed like twice in her whole life, thank god for spin the
bottle right? I have shoulder length wavy mahogany hair and big sea blue eyes like Adrianna Lima. Only unlike
her Im not over 5ft 9in and a Victoria Secret model.
I was always magical. Ive known I was a witch since I was a little girl and could relocate myself
outside of my play-pin. I thought that moving to Wyoming would give me a chance to start fresh. I swore I
would see no more Fae race. I would avoid monsters and above all I wouldnt come face to face with a demon
half or whole. I mean I was moving to BFE and what kind of magical creatures could I find there?

Deal with a Demon
Book One of Three
By Katherine Petersdorf

Copyrigt Katherine Petersdorf
Disclaimer: Arched Wing will hit shelves first, so enjoy the teasers for the other works for now but be warned
it will be a while yet until you get to sink your teeth into them, I have to worry about final AW (A.K.A Arched
Wing) line edit before I can start doing the same to these. Remember though that they ARE under copyright
protection, I copyright all of my work as I have it to copyright :)

Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
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