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Rain pattered the cobblestone streets like a thousand nails grinding on a chalk board. Monica pulled
the covers up over her head. What is God’s name had convinced her that a semester abroad in London was
a good idea. She thought London was full of men in funny fur hats, a group of Sherlock Holms readers and old
women drinking tea. She was wrong.
Monica yanked her choppy blonde hair from her ponytail and rubbed her temples. It was raining
again. Did it ever do anything besides rain and be foggy? She couldn’t find a good cup of coffee anywhere on
campus, she didn’t understand anything that anyone said and to top it all off not a single man found her
attractive. Girls lay in bed in America and dream of British hotties sweeping them off their feet but the feeling
is not reciprocated.
Monica King was a third year student from UCLA in LA California. She was studying creative writing
as a major but she spent most of her time chasing boys around the campus. She was a natural blonde, one
in a million chances of that and had blue eyes. Why not flaunt it with the men? She may not be tan and may
have only have an A cup breast size but men still loved her. At least in America men loved her.
London was meant to be an adventure. London was meant to be full of sexy men and mythical lore
from all over the UK and northern isles. London was meant to be the one place she wouldn’t have to hide her
magical powers in. London was meant to be a lot of things but what London turned out to be was going to be
more than Monica King could handle.

Dark Hallow
Book One of Four
Katherine Petersdorf

Copyright of Katherine Petersdorf; Sad Note right now AW (Arched Wing) is my first to do so I'm doing my final
line edit for the publisher and I may stop and write on other things while I'm taking a break but it is limited my
time and my teaser count. Sorry :(

Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
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