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1-Lina MacBride (Female Star)

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I wont start taking application and live and filmed auditions until closer to the shoot date. However in the mean
time you can check out this role and what it needs and when the lines are posted get a good head start on
learning them. You can also read teasers to get a grasp at what she is like. I will take world wide applications so long as
the applicate is not a felon, fits my physical needs, DOES NOT HAVE AN ACCENT, and is over 18.

Lina MacBride is the female star of the books. Copyright Katherine Petersdorf. She heads off from a big town
in which, though she is beautiful, she was nerd loner because she had powers to a small town in Wyoming
to go to college. She wanted to avoid magic and got tangled in it. Read the Opening teasers for more info on
that. She made a deal with a demon to stop two evil magical races from joining and taking over our world. He
would make her popular and beloved if in return she would help him save the world and commit his required
demon sin...having lust and sex.

Lina agreed, only for the world of course. It is a romance so be ready to kiss, kiss, kiss!

Lina in the books looks like Adrianna Lime-don't who she is type it into google she is a beautiful brunette
VS model.

I want someone who is white but has a beautiful tanned up body
I would prefer a soft brunette color of hair but they make dye for a reason, if you win me over without the hair
color you win me over and we may not change it.
I would prefer blue eyes but once again not going to enforce it

Enforced Needs
Willing to do Kissing Scenes
Must be over 18 by Jan 1st 2014
Playing age 18 for ages 18-30 I will look at
White (Tan Skin Tone)

Possible Heads Up
If the actress is comfortable with it I would like to add some topless moments but other wise you will be in a bra
and panties and/or fake nudity (such as blanket or towel wrapped around you)
It is a 3 movie contract
Pay raise for each movie but undecided pay at this time, will be based off investments and AW
It will probably hit rated R for violence and talking about sex
I get graphic in my books with love scenes and have really commanding men so be prepared when you read the books
I like dominate men so be prepared to be tossed over a shoulder, pinned down and sometimes treated like a prize at the
auction when around the male leads but yet still a kick butt girl when he is not around.

Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
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