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As a note, I have so many stories because although I own a film buisness there is nothing in this world I love more than
writing. Well scratch that, I love my man/lover more...but I don't know if that counts because he plays into my writing. He
just like Dru is Arched Wing :). After I wrote AW and somewhat as I did I grew out of my Falcon phase, I still write about
men like Falcon but that is because men like that are fun to dream about but no women really wants one. I think I'll stick
to the ranch boy with a kind heart who is a mathmatics major that freaking loves the snow too much.

Monsters are a race of creatures parallel to our world. They live on an astral plane so weapons, fire and spell
s do not work on them. They come into our world to feed on human pain and suffering. Once eons ago a pact was made
between the Monsters and humans on something called a Pledge Diamond that Monsters would not step into our world
physically. This meant they could be their astral selves and frighten children for the pain they needed but really nothing
Fae are another race of creatures in our world. They are a race of immortal beings that are split into two types.
One is a type of good, but only by their terms, who find amusement in having sex with humans until the human dies or
just plain tormenting them. Their evil type is another story. Similar to monsters only each one feeds a different way as it
tortures the human victim to death.
Both races once held up contracts and pledges with the human world vowing to leave mortals alone except
once in a grand while in which they touched our world, for example Monsters under the bed feeding on fear. Anyone
who broke the contracts of their race had to be put to death.
That was until the contracts went missing a few days before I started college. I had left my safe home to move
to Wyoming in hopes of avoiding a paranormal world. I was wrong! I was willing to give anything to be popular and
liked by normal people because my life up until then I was a friendless freak. I couldn’t have friends in high school
because of my powers! I did give anything for what I wanted. I made a deal with a brooding demon Rider O’Faerry.
The deal was that I would use my unusually strong powers to help Rider save our world from the Fae and
Monsters in return for a normal life on the side. The catch, since being a super hero wasn’t enough of one; I had to
become his lover. So now I’m tangled in demon sheets, trying to save the world and pass college finals! My life is so
screwed up now!
All I can think about though is helping Rider vanquish the two races and restore order to the universe. All I
can think about is Rider.

Vanquish of Contracts
Book Three of Three
“Deal with a Demon”
By Katherine Petersdorf

Copyright Katherine Petersdorf :)

Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.
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