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Location: Forest
Cast Members: Calvin, Isabelle
Calvin is walking away
Isabelle: Cal. Calvin stop!
Calvin: (Without turning around) Why?
Isabelle: Fine.
Isabelle appears in front of Calvin
Calvin: Isabelle, how did?
Isabelle: Teleporting is my power. I can relocate anywhere and at any time. Now do you want to keep this up?
Calvin: Isabelle I donít want you salvation speech, so go give it to someone else would yah?
Isabelle: Knock it off.
Calvin: Keep it up and Iíll knock you off.
Isabelle: No you will not. You are good. I know it.
Calvin: (slamming Isabelle into a tree and pinning her there.) How? How can you be so sure?
Isabelle: Calvin, you donít have to be like this. Let me help you. I implore you.
Calvin: (Grabbing her face and tilting her chin up toward his face.) No. You listen here, I donít need this. I killed so many people. I am evil. I am not worth saving.
Isabelle: You are. Why canít you believe that? IÖ.
Calvin :(Grabbing her thought like he is going to chock her only not chocking her.) I am sick and tired of your faith. I donít need your pity. I donít need your compassion. It is wasted on me anyway.
Isabelle: How about my love.
Calvin: Why? Why do you trust me? I could snap you neck right now.
Isabelle: I wonít.
Calvin: I could.
Isabelle: I know you better than that. You could have went through with your plan. You could have.
Calvin: Isabelle. (Calvin kisses Isabelle. Then releases her.) How could you possibly know?
Isabelle: The heart knows things the mind will never understand
Calvin: Is that a round-about way of saying you love me?
Isabelle: Kiss me again and find out.

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