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Zanders: What are you doing coming in so late?
Jaymee: If you must know I was out on a date.
Zanders: With a pizza faced fourteen year old boy?
Jaymee: No with a football jock eighteen year old.
Zanders: Give me his name.
Jaymee: Why?
Zanders: Because I am going to have a ďtalkĒ with him.
Jaymee: Zanders you are starting to act like a brother more than a cousin
Zanders: No I am being an over protective lover
Jaymee: You know I have to keep up pretenses. No one can find out that we are only pretending to be cousins!
Zanders: Jaymee do not walk away from me
Jaymee: Zanders please, I donít want this. I donít want to pretend to be cousins, I donít want to train so dumb teenager and I am tired of pretending to be sixteen!
Zanders: We have to train Paige, the council will not understand if we donít
Jaymee: Canít we stop hiding our love? Canít we just be normal?
Zanders: No.
Jaymee: Fine, I have more important things to do
Zanders: Like me?
Jaymee: Not a chance, I have my hair to put in curlers, and a boy to call
(Zanders pulls Jaymee close like he is going to kiss her)
Zanders: I am so much more important.

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