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Alexander: Kiss me
Melody: No. I am tired of all this
Alexander: Tired of what, sweetheart?
Melody: You think I didn’t hear what you said to Samantha? Do you think I am dumb?
Alexander: What are you talking about?
Melody: I am your second choice and I am tired of it. I am your Samantha back up. I am always the Kerri Replacement. I am always the witchy second choice in a battle. I hate this. I hate you
Alexander: You are not my second choice
Melody: You keep saying that, but only to me.
Alexander: Fine Mel! What do you want to hear? “You are my second choice”. “I always wanted Samantha and not you!” “I don’t love you” What do you want me to say?
Melody: The truth
Alexander: You know Mel, there it is. I don’t love you. You are just good sex and nothing more. I hate you. I can’t stand your personality. I would be happy if I never had to see you again.
Melody: How can you say that?
Alexander: Easy, it is the “Truth” you wanted so badly
Melody: Go die, Alex
Alexander: After you Melody
Melody: Fine, I would be happy to die, just to get away from you
Alexander: So now that you know just what you are, let’s have sex and drop it
Melody: Never again
Alexander: (Looks Melody in the eyes compelling her-compelling is a type of mind control) You will do what I say
Melody: I will do what you say
Alexander: You believe I love you
Melody: I believe you love me
Alexander: You will forget what happened today
Melody: Forget what?
Alexander: (stops compelling her) Good. Now shall we
Melody: Oh, we shall.

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