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(Allm is tied to a chain and Falcon has a blade to Allm’s throat.)

Allm: I knew that little bitch would tell you about me

Falcon: Yet still, you walked into our trap

Allm: Of course, how else would I use the dagger of Omar to kill you and steal the powers of Belthazar?

Falcon: Steal the power of Belthazar? What makes you think you can?

Allm: I thought I already had. While your mother was pregnant she bore the mark of Belthazar.

Falcon: (Slaps Allm) You…you….

Allm: I should have known that once she gave birth she no longer bore that mark

Falcon: Why would you want the mark of Belthazar?

Allm: To be the second devil. Why do you think Odette sealed Belthazar away, and plans to kill you and Dru? Until all blood relatives of Mephistopheles are killed Odette cannot rule.

Falcon: How does having the mark make you a blood relation?

Allm: I would become you.

Falcon: I will kill you. You slaughtered my parents without even thinking about what would happen to me!

Allm: Next I am going to slaughter your brother.

Falcon: Dru will not even give you the chance.

Allm: Correct. I can no longer be the second devil my killing you because she has made the oath of the order. Now only she or a blood relation can rule hell, besides the blade of Omar was taken from me by Odette.

Falcon: T’ntch will kill you when she is done.

Allm: No, not really. I made a blood deal with her.

Falcon: A blood deal?

Allm: Once all the blood relations are dead I will be her second in command.

Falcon: Really?

Allm: So then I can kill her and take her place.

Falcon: Dream on.

Allm: You and Dru will be most difficult to kill, however your heir should be rather easy to murder.

Falcon: Heir? You mean…

Allm: Yes, Samantha is pregnant.

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