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Frederick: Babe I know you’re a little peeved-
Kerri-Anne: A little! A little!
Frederick: Settle Down!
Kerri-Anne: Don’t tell me to settle down, I’ll be mad if I want!
Frederick: You know what Kerri go head and be mad! I get it; you won’t be popular prom queen-
Kerri-Anne: You think that’s what this is all about?
Frederick: Yes, you may be a straight A student, but you have the heart of a "DRAMA QUEEN!"
Kerri-Anne: How can you say that!
Frederick: Easy. I wanted you Kerri! I though you believed in me! Saw me as more than Jock...but I was wrong!
Kerri-Anne: No, you’re right!
Frederick: Too late.
(Frederick starts to walk off)
Kerri-Anne: I fell for you because you were a jock, but I enjoy your company because you’re intelligent. (Frederick stops)
Kerri-Anne: You challenge me! You’re the only student I have to compete against to be the best!
(Frederick turns.)
Kerri-Anne: And we were going to go to prom together what happened to that!
Frederick: I want to go with you, but since I have a girlfriend it would be wrong to take you and not her.
Kerri-Anne: If you already had a date why’d you go and get a girlfriend in the first place!
Frederick: I just fell for her at first sight.
Kerri-Anne: You’ve known her since grade school¼.remember she used to pick her nose and whip it on your desk to get you to look at her.
Frederick: And she used to steal your lunch and we’d have to share one¼it’s just this morning when I asked her out she wasn’t using me
Kerri-Anne: Neither am I! How can you fall in love so fast?
Frederick: I don’t love her, I only want her.
Kerri-Anne: You should wait till you’re in love to do that.
Frederick: Is that why you’ve never ever been kissed before.
Kerri-Anne: The man I love doesn’t love me back
Frederick: (Pulls Kerri-Anne into arms) what a shame.
Kerri-Anne :( Pulling away from him.) I’d love to be popular…but not via you…Frederick, can’t you see? I’ve wanted you since 7th grade!!!
Frederick: Kerri?
Kerri-Anne: I get it….you think because I asked out another Football player this is all about popularity!
Frederick: You’re darn right.
Kerri-Anne: It’s not!
Frederick: Well why don’t you ask out all the jocks what’s the worse they can say?
Kerri-Anne: You could say no.
Frederick: But Robbie turned you down! You weren’t his type….what makes you think you’ll be mine, if we jocks are all alike? Hum? I’m I just the next try at a ticket to popularity? Kerri-Anne:
No, never! This isn’t about winning prom queen, this is about you…the you that I fell for, the you that is more than a jock!
Frederick: You believe in me?

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