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Note: Bonnie-Kate is possessed by Gramhach so she will have to do this scene as both Bonnie and the demon inside her. That is why Gramhach will also read this scene since Gramhach will do these lines in Voice over (some lines) and act later in this scene

Samantha is pinning Gramhach to the ground.

Sam: Only you can save yourself. Don’t let this destroy you. Don’t let this demon destroy you! This hatred will consume you if you let it.

Gramhach convulses

Sam: I cannot help you. Bonnie-Kate only you can save yourself.

Gramhach: Fool. You are going to die!

Sam: I will not die. Not without Bonnie-Kate’s salvation. I love her soul too much

Gramhach suddenly is no longer under Sam, she/he is all the way across the room. (This is a filming effect, just move and run across the room)

Sam: You are a liar! You said you loved. That word is a lie. Love is not past tense!

Gramhach: Give up little girl. No matter how powerful your arched wings are you will not beat me.

Sam: I will not, you are right.

Gramhach: What will you do

Sam: Call on that love!

Gramhach: Really

Samantha stands holding her shoulder where it is bleeding.

Sam: I call on the power of love that lies within my heart. I call on the power of my wings that sparkle with love. I call on the power of God. The power to smash any demon which stands in my wake.

Gramhach: No, I will kill you first

Sam: Bonnie-Kate now you must choose. Either be destroyed with this demon that you believe protects your heart, or resist this evil.

Gramhach: Gramhach….

Sam: In the name of God I pour the blood over you, I pour love over you.

Gramhach: I resist you. Leave me. Leave my soul.

Sam: I love you!

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