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FIERY: Can I use this? (Holding up a piece of makeup)
FLAME: I am out of lip stick
BLAZE: use mine
FIERY: (putting on the piece of makeup) Wow glittery
FLAME: Like you need more glitter
FIERY: What is that supposed to mean?
BLAZE: Youíre covered in shimmer powder
FIERY: Hey! Wait, letís all go shopping
BLAZE: I love shopping
BLAZE: I canít I have to go to that evil place where they keep my pay check
FIERY: I miss having a job
FLAME: No you donít
BLAZE: you always quiet after a week because you hate being responsible
FIERY: hey!
BLAZE: We Know it. You know it. The whole world knows it!
FIERY: Do not
FLAME: So do
FIERY: Whatever, Iíll prove it to you
BLAZE: Like you did at McDonaldís
FIERY: Hey they just had too many hours
FLAME: Safe Way
FIERY: Heavy stacking
BLAZE: School Paper
FIERY: Strict Deadlines
FLAME: Radio Shack
FIERY: Geeks hit on me while I was running the counter
BLAZE: Olive Garden
FIERY: Too messy
FLAME: Local book store
FIERY: Too much reading
BLAZE and FLAME: Point in case
FIERY: fine, fine...so about shopping today
BLAZE: Limited funds for all of us
FLAME: Limited time before training
FIERY: Just window...maybe...possibly....if I say Iíll just window shop will you let me go?

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