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Scene ONE

(Hugh is holding a stake to Calvinís heart)
Calvin: I am not a vampire
Hugh: I can kill you just the same
Calvin: Do you really think you can. My power is to manipulate reality. I can bring myself back to life, become impossible to penetrate, even control your thoughts
Hugh: I could compel you not to
Calvin: Not while I am wearing Holy Water, not even a good witch can compel through Holy Water.
Hugh: Then it seems that we are at an impasse
Calvin: It appears that way. I only came here to give you a message
Hugh: What message would that be?
Calvin: Isabelle is my woman, you so much as harm a hair on her head I will kill you
Hugh: I doubt it
Calvin: I donít. If love could save me from becoming evil, love can help me conquer you.
Hugh: I hate all witches
Calvin: You are one.


Hugh throws the glass vase at the wall (faking it is alright, I donít want you to really break a vase.)
Hugh: I hate this
Mariah: Well, I kind of thought that vase was ugly too. Dru doesnít really have great taste but heÖ
Hugh: Shut up you perky little brat
Mariah: What did you say to me?
Hugh: I called you a perky little brat!
Mariah: Why, IÖ.I should kick you where it the sun
Hugh: Get out of here you little witch
Mariah: You are a hypocrite!
Hugh: a hypocrite?
Mariah: Yes, youíre a witch!
Hugh: Shut up
Mariah: You have to deal with this Hugh! You must hate yourself a lot to kill your own kind!
Hugh: I hate all witches!
Mariah: Why!
Hugh: Because no one can love someone with powers
Mariah: What?
Hugh: My parents treated me like I was a plague because I had powers. They were ashamed of me
Mariah: Hugh? I...
Hugh: Will never get it
Mariah: Not true. I never wanted to be a witch. I wanted to stay a typical girl.
Hugh: Thatís different. Your parents did think you were a freak
Mariah: No. I never meant my birth mother. My dad died when I was a baby and my step mother hated me. I understand what it is like to wonder why you are different. She wasnít a witch, and didnít embrace my powers. She told me that I was like my mother. That I would never be worth anything if I embraced my gifts, that I should instead be popular and perfect
Hugh: So you were going to be a trophy wife while I was always going to be a witch hunter.
Mariah: I donít think you are a freak
Hugh: You arenít normal, your opinion doesnít matter.

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