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Falcon walks down the alleyway toward the Tavern’s backdoor still avoiding moonlight, he stops halfway and looks up

Tavern Backdoor swings open, and BEAUTIFUL WOMAN runs from the door, she is followed by MEPHISTOPHELES

Mephistopheles grabs the arm of Beautiful Woman and forces her to look at him

Come now dear...you know that you want

I wish nothing of what you ask, no
Amount of money is worth that you
Black hearted beast!

Mephistopheles slams Beautiful Woman into Alley wall, she falls to the ground blood dripping from the side of her face

Do you want it now!

Go to hell, that is where demons belong

SPFX: Mephistopheles opens his mouth and his canine teeth grow into sharp fangs

Beautiful Woman screams as Mephistopheles uses his fangs to bite her neck and rip the flesh from her body

You are a monster you know that?

(Licks the blood from his lips)
You’re looking a little pale Falcon
...when was the last time you fed?

SHOT: Clouds move, causing larger moonbeams.

Mephistopheles walks slowly toward Falcon, dragging with him the body of Beautiful Woman. As Mephistopheles walks toward Falcon he maneuvers around the large rays of moonlight

What were you thinking? Did you want
Them to find us? Why did you show
Her what you really are?

Why is it that you care so much
What these pitiful humans think

Mephistopheles tosses the body of Beautiful Woman at Falcon, the body rolls across the ground and ends up at the feet of Falcon

Damn you Mephistopheles!

Should your words strike fear within
My heart...should I tremble at your

As I said Mephistopheles you are a monster

(Claps with first line)

Falcon, the only Half Demon with
A heart...realize this Falcon you
Are a Half Demon...you are a beast...
A killer and there is nothing you
Can do to change that

Mephistopheles steps into the moonlight

Mephistopheles growls toward the sky

He rushes toward Falcon, he halts only inches from Falcon’s body, looking at him in anger

Do it! Finish the meal!

You do not scare me you pitiful

Mephistopheles growls, and uses his claws to slash open Falcon’s shirt. Blood trickles from the slash marks on Falcon’s bared chest

You still do not frighten me

Mephistopheles digs his claws into Falcon’s shoulders and lifts him from the ground. Mephistopheles throws Falcon into the alley wall

You still do not frighten me

Mephistopheles runs toward Falcon, with his teeth bared and his claws facing outward
Falcon struggles to his feet.

Mephistopheles punches at Falcon, whom moves his head enough so that Mephistopheles’s fist hits the wall. Mephistopheles punches at the other side of Falcon’s head, Falcon once again dodges the punch

Falcon digs his claws into Mephistopheless Chest

She was right...go to hell were
You belong!

Falcon throws Mephistopheles into alley wall near the Tavern’s backdoor

Mephistopheles stands, leaps onto the roof of a building and vanishes into the night

Falcon howls at the moon

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