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Unga Munga

in Arched Wing Teasers Wed May 18, 2011 1:58 am
by featherless • 604 Posts

Hello: From Katherine Petersdorf

I have a teaser from the wing series. I hope that you enjoy it. Remember The Wing Series, it's titles, story-lines, characters and writing is under copyright protection of Katherine Petersdorf. (Me)

Story Thus Far: The two lead characters are trying to escape a dungeon

"Unga Munga"

I didn't like it one little bit! How dare Falcon toss me over his shoulder like I was a bag of potatoes! Whether I enjoyed being held by him or not didn't change that he had no right to man handle me!

“What are you?” I slammed my fists into his back. “A caveman, are you going to beast your chest and say Unga Munga?”

To my horrific surprise he did just that.

“You are so barbaric.” I snarled.

“Thank you!” Falcon laughed pride fully. The sensual and charismatic sound of his unearthly laughter echoed around me, spilled over me.

“Get your hand off my butt!” I pounded against at Falcon’s back.


“You arrogant jackass, I’ll kill you if you don’t.” I threatened.

“You are not really in a position to give me orders.” Falcon laughed. Again the sound of his laughter filled the area with unnatural sensual sounds.

“Stop rubbing” I whined trying not to buck back against him.

“I really think you are enjoying this Apeth.”

Time to change the subject

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“There is a crawl space in the wall over here. I know because I am psychic, oh yes, that and I entered near it.” Falcon laughed.

I slapped at his back. You would think he would realize I do not find his jokes all that funny!

“Are we there yet, or even close?” I huffed. “I am tired of you and I think that all the blood has run to my head!”

Falcon slapped my butt. “Stop squinning or I will have to really reprimand you.”

My heart missed a beat.

Glossary-British Slang

Apeth: a cute term used to call someone stupid or ape like

Squinning: Throwing a fit like a child

AUTHOR Katherine Petersdorf:

All Storylines, Titles, Written Works, Drawn Works and Characters of EACH and EVERY series presented on this sight are under copyright protection of Katherine Petersdorf. The reproduction of those listed above is illegal and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law

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