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That Stupid Note

in Arched Wing Teasers Wed May 18, 2011 2:04 am
by featherless • 604 Posts

Hello (Konichiwa) From Katherine Petersdorf

I have a new teaser from my Wing Series Book! A Scene between Samantha and the Two Brother. This scene is rather
funny instead of dramatic. I do write both.

About The Story So Far: They need to raise a demoness named Mazeena into an empty body so they can use her

Cast in the Scene

Samantha Morgan: The star and the 1st person POV. She is a young witch trying to stop the rise of the second devil

Mazeena: A drama queen seer demon

Falcon Greyson: a handsome half demon

Druskin "Dru" McKain: a handsome Templar knight and Falcon's brother


Falcon and I finally arrived at the ceremony site. Which was really just a big field clearing in the middle of the
forest? Come on that is so lame. I almost expected a giant castle. Oh wait, been there done that.

“What the heck were you thinking?!” Dru yelled.

“Druskin!” Falcon hissed. “Calm down.”

“Do you have any idea what this little brat did?” Dru asked in a rather angry and degrading voice. “She told me
she was going to take a shower, turned on the water and crawled out the bathroom window!”

“Why didn’t you just shower with her?” Falcon asked. He seemed so blasé about me just hopping into a shower
with some other guy. Brothers or not, that’s just wrong!

“She didn’t’ want me to. I am not you. I’m not her boyfriend so I’m not good enough.” Dru growled. For a moment
he almost sounded jealous. Then again maybe he was mad because he was trying to protect me. I’m just a bodyguard
job to him!

“Here” Dru said pulling the hotel sticky pad out of his pocket. He’d drug that stupid note all the way down to the
field we were going to raise Mazeena at? Boy does he have issues. I wish men would just let it go when you out smart

“Gone to stalk Falcon be back later you stupid jerk…love Sammie.” Falcon read. “Actually that’s kind of funny.”

Arched Wing and all Material in Wing Series under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf

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