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Stranger Danger

in Arched Wing Teasers Wed May 18, 2011 2:00 am
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Hello From: Katherine Petersdorf

Update! A new "Wing Series" Teaser. I pulled this one from a different one of my chapters. Sorry I'm doing them in a backwards order so it's easier to find what I want to share with you.

Story Thus Far (At the Time In Teaser): Sam had to file some paper work at her sister's high school now that she has custody of her sister after their parent's died. She is on her way out to wait for Falcon to pick her up but he is in the next city at the closest mall buying supplies for their trip to Washington State from Catskills New York. That is when the assassin show up!


Samantha Morgan: the female star whose in 1st person POV

Zanders Smith: An assassin whose brother was killed by Falcon

Falcon Greyson: a handsome half demon

Patrick O'Neal: an Irish assassin

“Are you Samantha Morgan?” The man asked stepping into view. It was never good when a strange knew your name. Those kinds of people were usually the ones who planned to kidnap you, strap you to a table and try to rip out your heart. So remember children stranger danger is there for that reason.

There were two of them. Two tall brooding men and they were complete opposites in appearance. The first man, whom said my name, was much older than the second. He must have been at least in his early fifties. His silver hair was slicked back and his build was muscular. The man’s sharp features did not complement his Irish skin tone or his pale green eyes.

The second man appeared to be in his mid twenties. He had a hip and modern attire. His midnight colored hair was swept up in a ponytail that fell down his back. His side cut bangs framed his eyes and complemented his pale skin.

The man’s eyes were the most interesting color I had ever seen. Almost like a hazel shade. Yet instead of a green and brown mixture his eyes were a strange combination of gray and gold.

Although the second man’s build was as large as the first man’s he seemed much less like a walking Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“My name is Patrick O’Neal.” The first man stated. “And this is my associate Zanders Smith.” Patrick pointed to the second man as he said Zanders Smith.I could tell right away that Zanders was not Irish.

“We would like to talk to you Ms. Morgan.” Zanders said in a professional tone.

I was not going to fall for that tone of voice. They were most likely some kind of demon or witch hunter. Then again with my luck they’re working for the CIA. They are probably planning to ship me off to Roswell and have me dissected. Although that would just figure, I mean I am already a freak with supernatural powers so why don’t we just add alien to that mix!

“Do not worry. I am not the CIA or a witch hunter.” Zanders stated. His voice was holding a touch of warning. Unlike Patrick he held no accent of any sort. Zander’s tone was completely straight, like you would think a psycho killer would sound.

I froze.

He read my mind?

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