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1326 AD?

in Arched Wing Teasers Wed May 18, 2011 2:01 am
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Hello From: Katherine Petersdorf

New Wing Series Teaser! This one is rather small. I have been doing one from each chapter just not stating the book and the chapter. This chaper was mostly back story so I had to be careful only to share what wouldn't ruine the books ending when it hits the shelves.

Cast Members

Falcon Greyson: a handsome half demon

Dru McKain: Falcon's brother and a Templar Knight

Samantha Morgan: the female star who is in 1st person POV


“That explains so much!” I leapt forward again. “Falcon was stabbed by Gramhach. I knew there was no way he could have lived through that! That’s why he was still alive, because he couldn’t die!”

“Yes.” Dru retorted. He found my ability to state the oblivious quite annoying.

“When were you born?” I asked. I knew I liked older men but I needed to know how much colder. Seriously Falcon could be older than my grandfather!

“We were born in the year 1326 A.D. On the day that Belthazar became a full fledge demon.” Dru answered.

“1326?” I stammered. Falcon isn’t just older than my grandfather he’s older than American itself!

“There is one more thing.” Dru said cryptically.

“What are you going to spring on me now?” I growled. “Will I faint?”

“Maybe” He laughed.

“Then just be blunt and tell me. I just want to get the passing out part over with.”

“Every half demon has seven days in a row each year in which they lose all demonic power and become full humans. It is a time of vulnerability.”

Keep looking for my other teasers from this and other series!

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