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1-A Real Treat-Full Chapter One!

in Arched Wing Teasers Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:54 pm
by featherless • 604 Posts

This is the full Chapter one of Book One in the Arched Wing Series, also known as the Wing Series from book one
Arched Wing. This material is under copyright of the author-Katherine Petersdorf

They say once in a lifetime we find someone with a very strong will to live, but we can only find who they are in the moment of near death.
Katherine McHarrison

Chapter One
“My Savior, Brit Boy”

Love...isn’t that just the best way to start a story? NOT!!! Who am I kidding? No one has good openings these days.
Finding one is like teaching a walrus to ride a bike, and I forgot my training wheels. I guess we’ll just have to get on
with it then, straight to the point. Where is that...Ahah! Play! What?!? Stupid clicker! Oh the battery is in upside down.
Okay...play!!! Enjoy the show...er book folks.

It felt like I couldn’t breathe. My brain was slamming hard against the inside of my skull. Where was I? Oh that’s right,
I had fallen when the floor gave way beneath me. I reached up. I could feel a slab of debris atop me. It was thrusting
itself hard into my chest, cutting off the flow of air to my lungs.

I grasped the chunk of broken flooring that was on top of me. I slid backwards with one hard push as tiny rocks sliced
at my flesh. When I was free of the debris’ weight I could feel my abdomen expand.
It was several moments before I could force air in and out of my lungs without sever pain. Slowly I placed a hand to my

chest in hopes of calming my heart but there was no such luck. I could only pretend to be rational because my body was
on the edge of frantic panic. I would tell you where I am but I don’t really know. I would also like to explain to you what
my present location looks like but I am unable to see out from under the debris.

I sighed and took in a deep breath. The feeling of my chest widening and tightening with the flow of air was such a
relief. You are most likely wondering why I am here. (So am I) and why I am under debris. Well it is because I am not
your everyday average girl not that you couldn’t tell that already. What you do not know is that I have supernatural
powers as well as some freaky woman is after those powers.

Sometimes I wish that I was a normal girl. My life turned topsy-turvy four years ago on my fifteenth birthday when I
transformed into this super powered version of myself.

A strange woman appeared that day as if from out of nowhere. She dug up an old crate. The crate turned
out to be filled with my biological father’s belongings. I managed to get a large notebook away from her. Upon opening
the book I found it was filled with magical spells, information and diary pages.

I am a blood witch, born to Wiccan and the Druid arts.

Cautiously I sat up, causing my head to hit more debris. Dust fell from above me and covered my body. I
could feel it all over my skin. That was when I realized that I was wearing only underclothing. I ran my hands down
my body and then screamed out in shock.

“What am I doing wearing only a bra and a thong!” My jaw had dropped and I was running my hands up
and down my body rechecking my attire.

“Samantha.” A voice said coming from the darkness.

I froze.

I wasn’t the one who said that. It had to be someone else! There must have been a person in that abyss and they
were calling out my name.

Well, that or, I had finally gone insane. I could have completely imagined it and needed medication. (Unless
I was already so crazy I didn’t remember if I was already taking meds or not!) I can see myself in a year, if I live that
long. Doctor could you up my dosage two pills an hour just isn’t enough!


There it was again. Was this mystery voice an echo? Did I call out my own name and couldn’t recall doing so?

“I am right here!” Oh my god! I responded to the voice? Why am I talking with muffled figments of my
imagination? I really should have taken my meds this morning!

Getting up onto my hands and knees I crawled forward. I coughed as more dust attacked my face.

“Ouch!” I cried out as something above me pulled my hair.

“Samantha! Samantha, are you alright? Talk to me.” The voice called out.

I rolled my eyes. This voice wanted me to have a conversation with it! Normally I (not that I have ever
heard the voice of an imaginary person before) would have scoffed, I do not speak to hallucinations. However I
didn’t say that.

“Samantha” The voice was no longer so muffled. It must have been growing closer that or my insanity
was getting stronger. The voice was that of a British man.

Wait; earlier a British man came to save me. Could he be the same person?

“Bloody Hell” He screamed. “Samantha Speak! Speak you dim witted Apeth, so that I can follow your voice!”

(What’s an apeth?)

I held still, speechless.

“Waffle Apeth!!”

What the heck was that supposed to mean?

“Speak you bloody fool!”

I sucked in an angry breath and doubled my fists. “I am not a fool you jerk!” I furrowed my eye brows. I began to
whimper and swiftly coughed to cover my sobbing.

“Are you alright?” The British man had a minute touch of worry in his voice.

This man must be the Seeker who was here to rescue me before I was trapped beneath the debris. He told me that
his job was to kill witches who used dark magick just like the woman who abducted me. Hopefully this Seeker will
be like a Charmed one and save me, because I am so the innocent here!

“Are you alright?” He repeated.

I nodded. Oh duh, he can’t see me!

“I’m okay, I think, and then again if you’re a hallucination I might be insane.” I replied.


“Speak back!” I yelled. I wondered if I insulted my own mind by calling it a hallucination.

“Yellow as a cat” His voiced sounded sarcastic. “And you are crazy, I won’t argue the toss with you on that
one, but when the witched wacked you a lamp…”

“Wacked me a lamp” I interrupted. Now it was all coming back to me. This witch had hit me over the head. I was
knocked out cold. He must really be the Seeker who came to save me.

“So that witch lady” I asked.

“Gramhach” The voice questioned, growing closer.
“The witch” I restated.
“Yes, she is a black witch…” He just stopped talking. I couldn’t help but suck in a shaky breath. My knees were
trembling wildly while I waited for him to finish his thought. Then there was a long silence.
“Hello? Um…Brit Boy”
“My name is Falcon.” He stated. “I…well there is a slight problem.”
Problem! I screamed under my breath. My heart rate sped through the roof.
I felt my panic returning in full force. (Not that it have ever left.) I was certain that the problem was not with his name.
Hearing Falcon’s voice had helped hold back the tears but now I was crying. My face was hot and sweaty.
My stomach muscles tightened in anticipation. I needed to know what he was going to say next.
“Problem” I stammered as I swallowed another sob.
“I cannot get under there to get you.” He replied.
His words shatter all hope.
“On your hands and knees” Falcon commanded dryly.
“What! Are you some kind of sick doggy style perv? I am so not interested bubby!” I shrieked.
“No” He yelled in reply. “I mean you will have to crawl to me!”
“How the hell am I supposed to do that I can’t see?”
Falcon showed a light of some kind into my eyes.
“Flashlight” Falcon said calmly. “Crawl toward it, Apeth.” He added sarcastically.
I decided it would be better to crawl toward him than stay under here. Who knows how long it would have
held up before the debris collapsed onto me?
I moved forward on my hands and knees. Before long Falcon was able to reach me, however that was after crawling
through spider-webs, having a fuzzy mouse run across my hand and having had my hair get caught of what I hope was just as nail.

Falcon tucked the flashlight under his chin, took hold of my upper arms and pulled me out. I cringed as my
belly slid in the dirt as tiny rocked sliced at my soft flesh.

I realized it right away, the temperature of Falcon’s skin. His body, or at least what I was feeling of him, was like ice.
It wasn’t like cold hands after being out in the snow it was like he was a dead body…Falcon was just that icy. I half
expected to look up and see his skin was blue and lifeless.

Nope, his face is peach just like mine.
“Keep your hair on.” Falcon said gently. Somehow I just knew that gently with this man meant dangerous.
Falcon held me to his body with a protective arm. I couldn’t ignore his cold skin let alone the chilling flashlight against
my side. With his other hand Falcon ran his fingers down the side of my face. His icy touch caused butterflies to let
loose in my tummy. Why was this man so cold?
“I want to go home.” I whined. More tears broke loose and ran down my face. (I really need to stop crying
all the time.)
Falcon gingerly wiped the tears from my cheek with his frosty finger. I wanted so terribly to stop bawling and not
just because I couldn’t stand Falcon’s frozen hands on my face!
“I’ll get you home.” Falcon promised. “I’ll be your salvation.”
“She put a hex on my family.” I looked at Falcon straight into his blue eyes.

Then Falcon gave me a charming smile complete with a set of dimples. I started to stammer nervously. “I…I…” No man
had ever given me a smile like that. He smiled like he wanted to kiss me.
For a moment, while he grinned devilishly, I though his eyes flashed an onyx black color. I shook my head
and when I looked once more they were blue. I am so losing it!
“You what” Falcon asked. His smile was still charming my wits out of me. The part of my brain that made good and
smart decisions vanished. Thus leaving no lights upstairs and a for rent sign on my scull. I quickly looked back down
at the ground in hopes that not seeing Falcon’s face would make it easier to ignore.
Before I had been kidnapped I made a good deal of appalling decisions. I had learned that my sister Jennifer and my
brother Tanner were adopted. I flipped out. My mother had lied to me for many years. I knew my siblings were not my
new step father’s children but I had always imagined that Jennifer and Tanner were the product of one of my mother’s
many boyfriends over the years.
I ran away from home. I never truly meant to tell my parents that I hated them because I don’t feel that way. I guess
that I said those words in self defense and just to hurt them.
I knew my family would forgive me yet still in my childish rage I packed a duffle bag and left. Unfortunately the coat I was wearing contained my credit cards and passport. Now I have no way of getting back to the states!
“What?” Falcon pressed. I decided then and there he was totally heartless.
I closed my eyes, searching my thoughts for something to say. I couldn’t just tell him the truth-mostly because I didn’t want to go through all of it a second time.
“I…well um.” I mumbled. Where had all my acting skills gone? I have been in drama my whole life and the one time that improvisational method would have come in handy I was totally off the ball!
“I am not…” I almost finished the thought with going to tell you but thankfully I caught myself.
“It’s just…” I didn’t even have a thought that would finish that statement.
Falcon’s face softened. His eyes had a loving look in then, which was quite petrifying for a man like him. Gentle just did not suit Falcon.
“I understand.” He said capturing my gaze with his honor bound eyes. Once again I saw them flash onyx.
“You do?” Oh thank God, he knows that I don’t want to talk about it! Now if only he would say…
“Yes of course, it is crystal clear now. You don’t want to take a tizzy and admit that I am bloody hot!”
That is not what I wanted him to say!!!
“I do not!” I snorted.
“Yes you do!” Falcon said in such a babyish voice he sounded like a six-year old.
“Oh please!” As I spoke Falcon dropped me and aimed the flashlight toward me. I felt like I was a suspect in a Noir Movie. I just wasn’t sure if he was the bad boy Mobster of the Private Eye.
“Give it a second thought.” Falcon huffed. He quickly turned the flashlight upward so the light shined down on him like a glowing spot light. He was just that arrogant.
“I remember what you look like Brit Boy!” I snarled. I wanted to also mention that I hadn’t seen his hard on until now but I decided such a statement would be out of place. Not to mention I shouldn’t have been looking at the bulge in his snug jeans. Even if he had the light angled to show cased that part of him!
“Brit Boy” Falcon asked in a mildly amused tone, as if he just now heard me call him that.
In truth Falcon is exceptionally attractive. Well, that is for an arrogant British Prat and do I ever admire his accent. His accent is a Noble King’s English, probably upper crest.
Falcon stepped back almost as if he was giving me a better view for examining him, which is something only someone as egocentric as him would do! I adored his shaggy toe head colored hair. His hair was the palest of pale blondes almost a white shade.
I wished I had blonde hair. Instead I’m stuck with auburn. I can’t help but yearn for lemony curls, sea green eyes and well implanted breasts, and then maybe men would find me more alluring. I’m not ugly. I’m really beautiful. I have long wavy hair, big mahogany-brown eyes, a size zero waist and C-cup breasts. I’m just not a porn star type of gorgeous and let’s face it men like women who have as much plastic in them as the clear covers on Hostess foods.
I studied Falcon’s flawless face. There was something so attractive about his clean cut style but at the same time I almost wanted to see him with a five o’clock shadow.
Then there are his eyes. Falcon’s eyes are remarkable. When I first looked into them I knew the only word to describe the color was shatter-blue. It was like God had taken every shade of blue in the universe and shattered them into Falcon’s irises.
I have to admit that Falcon’s Aryan skin was just as beautiful, so were his full luscious lips-lips that I wanted to…Samantha that is so enough!
Truthfully the best way to describe Falcon is as a totally hot pain in the rear end-and not sexy-branding iron hot!
“Can we just find a way out of this…um?” I asked hoping for a current location and route of escape.
“Sure, dungeon…WTF. We’re in a dungeon? How the heck did we get here?” Oh right, I fell through the floor. Light dawns on marbled head.
Falcon looked down at me. He wasn’t just glancing; his eyes were locked upon my face. “Yes and I am not going to be a Knight in Shining Armor and save you unless...”
“What” I raged.
“Wicked Correct”
He didn’t seem fazed by my glaring at him or when I stuck out my tongue. I actually wanted to kick him but I figured that would be childish.
“Unless what” I sighed. Falcon smiled with victory-I wanted to slap the grin right of his egotistical face.
“Unless you spill your gizzard and confession to how hot I am”
I stepped back, baffled and filled with skepticism as to what I just heard.
“Why you damn misogynistic egotistical fine! I will find my own way out because you are not hot! In fact you are freezing to the touch. You’re not even remotely cute!” I swiftly spun on my heel, stormed past Falcon and stopped a few feet away. I felt around for a wall so I could navigate my way in the darkness.
“Bloody tit-head, what an aresmonger” I heard him mutter. I watched him as he spoke-mainly because the light was on him so he was all I could clearly see. Falcon stood there in the dim light. His body was still as a statue; his chiseled features looked like a handcrafted and aquiline master piece.
Falcon shot a dirty look, turned and started stalking toward me.
“Wait” Falcon commanded. I froze as he took hold of my hand.
“What” I sneered.
“I was just tossing the joker. It’s my job to help you even if you a slut…” Falcon said setting his hand on my chest…no wait, my breast!
I felt my eyes flared like real flames exploded in them. Before Falcon could finish his thought I slapped him across the face.
“I am not a SLUT!” I screamed.
Falcon’s expression was one of pure shock. He cupped his cheek where I had left my palm imprinted.
“Obviously” a muscle in Falcon’s jaw twitched. He wrinkled his nose and glared down at me. “I only staked the claim that you were a slut because of your threads.”
“Oh yah” I asked. I looked down at my body. I guess that makes sense considering what I’m dressed in.
“Your attire is exclaiming Yo-Yo knickers.” Falcon continued with a big grin. “Wait, how do you American’s put it…spread eagle? I mean you’re in your underwear but you do know that word VIRGIN-Antwacky is stamped on your forehead in Necular Sub…I mean neon lights.”
My heart raged in my chest. I didn’t know which to more angry at, the “Yo Yo Knickers” comment or the way Falcon made being a virgin soul so vile. Was it so obvious that I had never crossed the particular line? I can’t help not having long blonde hair, baby blue eyes and breasts that can double as life perseveres.
“Get your hand off my breasts you pervert!” I screamed in fury.
When Falcon said no I reached the end of my rope. I tried to push his hand off of me but I couldn’t even get it to budge. The only victory belonged to Falcon who gave my breast a little squeeze. I almost bit through my tongue trying to trap a moan for escaping my lips.
“So what is it you want, to be my cherry picker or something along those lines?” I asked spitefully.
“No.” Falcon said pride fully. “As a matter of fact, I will be.”
“You are an arrogant bastard!”
I went to kick Falcon in the family jewels and would have succeeded if only he hadn’t caught my foot.
“Stop rubbing on my ankle.” I complained as I tried not to take any pleasure in the sensation of him touching me.
With one hard jerk of my leg, Falcon pulled me close to him. His hand left my breast only to rest on the small of my back way too close to my butt. Brit Boy’s freezing fingers were rubbing gently against my skin sending shivered down my spine.
“Are you ready?” Falcon asked. His eyes glistened with lust. Lust being an emotion that I still did not fully understand.
Oh my God! I think I am in a Karen Moning novel complete with horror, brooding men and the promises of erotic sex. Save me, I don’t want to catch the Fever.
“No…” I whimpered.
“Well” Falcon sighed. He looked down at me with a devilish smile. “When you are ready we will but until then…” Falcon lifted me up off the ground, flung me over his shoulder and started walking off. His speed was like supersonic or at least faster than my reflexes. I didn’t even notice what he had done until I was instinctively kicking and screaming. I knew I was not going to like this one little bit!

Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.

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RE: 1-A Real Treat-Full Chapter One!

in Arched Wing Teasers Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:42 pm
by Vampire Lover • 23 Posts

I love it, I love it, I love it sooooo much!
This is amazing and it already sounds like a total page-turner!!!!!!
When is the book coming out?
Gah! I can't wait I will be the first one in line to buy it, and to see the movie! I'm so excited!!!!

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RE: 1-A Real Treat-Full Chapter One!

in Arched Wing Teasers Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:02 am
by featherless • 604 Posts

It will be about 6months to a year (possibly only 6months until it's an e-reader)

I plan to update more posts and post the first chapter of each book ASAP but I have to travel to WYO this week so starting
tommorow I'm without internet and updates for like 5 days :(

Material under copyright of Katherine Petersdorf. Reproduction
without permission is a felony and will be prosecuted to the
full extent of the law.

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