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Hello: from Katherine Petersdorf. As promised on facebook, I have two chapters on my next novel posted. For background information you can read Arched Wing, the novel is for sale on amazon right now.

This is the chapter with a huge secret to the series in it, I hope that you enjoy the paranormal romance.


An Evil Falcon

I stood outside of the MacMillan Dorm hall. The cold breeze was in my hair. Would Falcon like the way I looked now, or was he use to me being so posh, popular looking? My once auburn hair was now a lemony blonde, with choppy, shoulder length layers that framed my face. Call me Hayden, cause I swear I was all Bring it On styled after her.

Without a dash of mascara, my big, mahogany colored eyes were not highlighted, I wished I had stopped and put on makeup this morning. My pale white skin sparkled in the sunlight, I wasn’t sure what time of the year it was, but I was sure that it was a very bright place that I was living.

Maybe it was possible that I was back where I started? Could I still be living with my family, in high, only I wasn’t in Night’s Kill, I was living in Toledo: a small town south of Olympia, the capital. Toledo was a thirty-minute bus ride from the college, which was an outlet for the University. To top it all off, the mirror of destiny was here, and it looked like, based off of leaving the house this morning, that I was living next to my mirror.

Bit by bit, the truth was sinking in. Home, my world, my actions, they were all gone. Odette most likely didn’t have the Grimmior, then again, who knows. Could I take another surprise. I reached for the door handle.

Awkwardly, I paused, I wasn’t sure what to do or say. Would Falcon know me? Would Falcon be the same person? Would I see him with a different woman? How did this world get like this? I needed answers.

I thought back to what Sky had sad before I passed out, how she had told me she was going to steal my man. Had she done this to my world, changed it? She could manipulate time and space, and she could seek out and find new alternate worlds. That must be where I was, an alternate reality. Great, now my life is a Sci-fi novel!

In the past, before I met Falcon and faced off with Gramhach, I would have thought that this was all a dream. I would have overlooked the paranormal realities before me. Rationality would have set in, and medication would have been asked for. Then again, if I hadn’t meet Falcon, waking up popular would have all seemed normal to me, but now, with my destiny shown to me, magic is what is normal.

Yanking with all my might, I attempted to open the dorm door. However, I quickly discovered it was locked, so, I turned and looked next to me. There was a slider for a key card, but I wasn’t going to let that keep me from seeing Falcon. “Open for me,” I whispered to it.

The door made a beeping noise, and this time I was able to pull it open. This was it, the almighty threshold that contained the path to Falcon, to my answers, but, most importantly, to a secret I wished I had known back in the car this morning.

That rationally part of my mind (because I’m so rational, as if) said that Sky couldn’t steal Falcon from me. I mean, he loves me, he waited his whole immortal life, searching, to find and train me, and love me. There is living proof, a demon named Belthazar, that Falcon and I are soul mates. Sky can’t change that, and Sky can’t take what doesn’t belong to her.

Still, what was it that Sky had altered. This world didn’t just randomly become dramatically different than my own, while still following the same timeline. Something was different in the past, something huge. I would have to discover what it was.

I stood in the dorm’s main hall, watching people pass by. A group of giggling girls rushed pass to catch the opening elevator. They were so pretty. Once again, my heart, filled with low self esteem in romance, was afraid Falcon was with another woman. I had an image of him with the whole group, doing horrid things, painted all too clearly in my mind.

Why didn’t I believe he was only in love with me? Dru had the lush, vixen Christian follow him all around, and I never once question his feelings for me. Wait, why would I, I mean, I don’t love Dru…right?

Oh, how I wish I was Piper Halliwell, then I wouldn’t have to worry if Falcon was with another woman, I could just blow her up. No bitch was going to take my man!

Time wasn’t on my side, Falcon might leave and I could miss him. The map in the classroom gave me his location broadly speaking, now I needed a room. I turned to the bulletin board and yanked the printed copy of the room layout off the wall.

The man behind the desk looked at me like I was insane, but I didn’t care. Swiftly, I dropped the printed map onto a table, yanked the crystal from my pocket, and started to Skry again.

It dropped quickly, floor three-room twenty-six. Now that the map didn’t matter, I simply left it on the table as I headed for the elevator. The crystal, on the other hand, I shoved back in my pocket, I might need it again.

Sadly, I did look like a complete freak, but I wasn’t going to let my pride keep me from my destiny. That destiny being finding Falcon and enjoying a sweaty moment of greatly needed passion.

Falcon was the air that I breathed. He was my heart’s love song. Oh, great, now I sound like a clingy weak girl in one of those cheesy novels. Okay, Sam, get a grip!

What if Falcon didn’t know my name? What if Falcon wasn’t a half demon? What if Falcon was a full demon? What if Falcon was evil? (Could I possibly use What if one more time? I’m driving myself crazy!)

Could I handle it if Falcon was evil? I didn’t want to be like Katherine. She cared more about being good, and doing the right thing for this world that she left Belthazar, her true love. I am her reincarnation, does that mean I will choose Dru, because he is a human with no evil trace? Or, will I be my own persona, and pick the dangerous brother?

“You just seem to get more beautiful every day,” I heard the voice, and turned on my heel. I knew who it was. That was Dru.

“Dru,” I stated his name as neither a question nor exclamation. “Are you here for Falcon?”

“No, I am here for you. The seer Mazeena found me, and told me what happened to you last night. The you of your world.” Dru had been leaning against the wall, across from the elevator.

The shadows of the hallway arches played on his perfectly chiseled face. Like sparkling beacons, his shatter blue eyes called out to me, and his midnight hair was inviting as it brushed his neck. He was looking as handsome as ever. I mean, um…er, just like Falcon. Right, yah, he looks just like Falcon, that is the only reason I think Dru is attractive.

“I know that you’re stuck in this alternate reality, at least alternate from your own.” Dru straightened up so he was no longer leaning.

“You know what is going on!” I rushed to his side, and hugged him just as tight as I could. “Finally, I know I’m not crazy.”

“No, actually I only know what Mazeena told me. She told me about you raising her, the team of Wingers, and about you being sent to this new world.” Dru embraced me back. He hand was gently petting my hair, his grip so tight, yet loving. It was like he was hanging onto my affection for dear life.

Long moments passed, us holding each other. I could help it, snuggling down into his arms, allowing the rush of heat radiating from his body to overpower me.

“She told me about the Falcon and Dru of your world.” Dru kissed the top of my head.

“Can you help me get back?” I asked, pulling away from Dru’s warm chest.

“No,” Dru said with sorrow in his eyes. “I wish I could. I’d do anything for you. Besides, your world has something about it that makes it a little better than this one, at least, in some areas.”

“It does?” Now I was curious. What did my world have that his didn’t, other than a Sam who didn’t love Clairol too much?

I closed my eyes to listen, maybe Dru would think it. I wanted the answer right then.

“Yes, also about what you were thinking just now…”

“You were listening in on me?” I demanded turning and storming off.

“You did it to me,” Dru toyed.

I am so killing Mazeena! “What about what I was thinking,” I shot, stiffly.

“You don’t know the whole story about Katherine. She could have left Odette bound with the book, like you planned. Once someone bonds with the Grimoire you can destroy it.”

“Maybe she didn’t know.” I was being hopeful. If Katherine had know, and chosen not to act, then she would have been choosing Belthazar.

“She knew. Katherine also knew that if she destroyed the Grimoire that Belthazar, who is blood and soul bound to it would be destroyed as well. She chose to hide his book instead of save this world because she loved him more than she loved mankind.” Dru didn’t look away as he spoke, he didn’t blink. His eyes stayed locked with mine. It seemed, Dru wanted the truth to be very clear to me.

I gasped. “That is a lie!” I placed a hand to my heart. “Katherine you have to tell me it is a lie!”

Katherine didn’t say anything.

“You can hear her?” Dru caressed my cheek. Though, it didn’t feel like he was trying to get to Katherine. Thankfully, he always treated me like Sam, and never compared me to Katherine. At least, he never did out loud. “Does she tell you what to do sometimes?” He asked with interest in his eyes. “Does she make you weak? Katherine was a weak woman when it came to men. My Sam could hear her too, but she used a spell to remove her voice.”

“What, are you in love with Katherine?” I asked.

“No.” Dru ran his finger down my neck, and across my collar bone. Shivers of delight shot down my spine. “I love you.”

“Me?” The world must have just stopped spinning. “I love,” I almost said ‘you too.’ It is official, I have lost my mind! “I mean, well, you know…” Now, I was rambling. I didn’t love Dru. I couldn’t stand Dru, all we did around each other was fight.

“Because you won’t admit to yourself how you really feel.” Dru leaned forward and kissed me. Automatically, though I shouldn’t have, I started to kiss him back.

Thankfully, he pulled away. “I know you are in love with Falcon, so, I won’t stop you from seeing him. I just want you to know that I am here for you. And you are going to need me,” Dru warned.

I smiled. “Thank you.” As a reward for being so nice to me I kissed him again, but only as a reward. It did feel good, though. “You know, if you were nice like this all the time, instead of a bossy trainer, we could be great friends.”

“We are.” Dru smiled, a real smile, without a trace of lust in his eyes. In fact, I wasn’t sure what emotion was in his eyes, but it made his face so soft, like he was glowing with joy.

I pressed the elevator button, Dru standing by my side. I guess he was going to follow me up.

“Is there something in this world that I don’t know?” I was recalled the car ride to the high school, the way Betsy talked about Dru, but now about Falcon. “Something between us? My friend knew you but she didn’t know Falcon.”

Dru looked down at the ground. “I hate to have to tell you this.” He kicked his foot backward, tapping it against the ground. “I’m the brother you chose.”

“I’m your girlfriend?”

“Yes.” Dru smiled at me when he answered. “Just, be calm with Falcon, he might think you are about to kill him.”

“Kill him?”

The elevator dang, and the doors opened.

“Going up?” Dru smiled, extending his hand toward the doors.


“No, I’ll take the stairs, that way I can be good back up.”

“Back up?” I didn’t get a chance to finish questioning him, the doors shut. I pressed the correct button and awaited my floor.

My heart was beating in my chest like a sledge hammer. I couldn’t breathe. What Dru had said was making me lean more toward the fact that Falcon may be evil.

I slowly, and quietly, walked down the hallways toward Falcon’s room. I saw him, he was standing there punching in his entry numbers.

Tiny locks of toe head hair brushed against his shatter blue eyes as he moved. His ivory skin was still like velvet as the small rays of light touched down on him from the small hallway window.

He pushed the door open and entered his dorm room. He was still a blonde, and that meant that he was still a half demon. Some things just don’t change. Could Dru and Falcon hate one another in this world? Is that what Sky change?

I was standing in front of his door. I wanted to knock. I raised my hand to knock, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. I was shaking from head to toe in shock. I kept thinking about what Dru had said.

The door opened just as I started to knock. I hit Falcon in the face.

“What was that for you bloody tit head?” Falcon seethed.

“How was I supposed to know you were going to open the door first?” I rebutted with an angry voice. Looks like we were back to our old ways in no time.

“What do you want?” Falcon asked staring me down.

“Falcon, do you remember me?” I asked. “Do you know my name?”

“Sam, I don’t have time for your stupid, little games!” Falcon replied. “How did you know where I live?”

“Skrying.” I tapped my foot against the floor nervously.

Falcon’s eyes lit up. “Is Dru with you, little De Dan?”

Oddly enough, Falcon didn’t seem to fear me, so, Dru had to be wrong about him thinking I was going to kill him. Beside, why would I want to kill Falcon?

“No, why would he be?” I asked in a coy voice.

“Come in.” Falcon raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “So, why did you feel the need to leave your boyfriend, and come see me?” Falcon shut and locked the door behind me.

“Dru isn’t my boyfriend.” I turned toward him. “You are.”

Falcon was still leaning against the door with his back to me. “Sky warned me about you. She told me that you were already won to the side of good.”

“Sky told me she was going to steal you from me. Then she put me in this world.”

“Sky said you couldn’t love a demon.” Falcon turned to face me. His eyes were sheer onyx. “But, I didn’t need Sky’s advice to know that, I mean, after all, you did try and kill me already.”

“Sky is wrong. I want you. I don’t care that you are half demon.” I smiled.

“Prove it.”

“Whatever you want, I will do it.”

Falcon walked a small circle around me. It was like he was cornering his prey. “Let me kill you,” Falcon stated.

I looked at him in confusion. “You are crazy. Why would you want to kill me?”

“If I can’t make you evil then I don’t want you to stand in my way,” Falcon said coldly.

I ran for the door, but it was locked. Falcon pinned me against the hard wood. “I can hear him. His breathing is like an echo,” Falcon whispered into my ear. “You said he wasn’t with you.”

The door open beneath me, and I fell forward. Dru had been waiting on the other side of the door, just as promised. His tight, protective embrace cocooning me in safety. He had been right, Falcon thought I was going to murder him.

Quickly, Dru pushed me to the ground beside of him. “Run,” He demanded.

Awkwardly, I stood, brushed myself off, and started to run. I hadn’t thought that Falcon would try and kill me. Boy, did I need a wakeup call. I understood now, what Sky had done to steal my man, she made him the one thing I was still fighting to believe I could live with…evil.

He was evil now, but making Falcon evil didn’t change that I loved him. It just changed that I couldn’t be around him because he wanted to murder me!

I reached the main office, and stopped to look over my shoulder. Dru was fighting with his brother. What if Dru killed Falcon? Wait, they are immortal, you can’t kill them. Oh, great, I am so screwed! I can’t defend myself.

“Pretty-Kitty, why is the new Katherine McHarrison so weak?” I heard Falcon’s voice again. He called me Katherine, that stupid asshole!

“I am not Katherine! I am a different person.” I didn’t care that I was weak, and he was immortal. I was going to kick his ass. Falcon should know that I am not McHarrison. I am Sam. Samantha Morgan!

I balled my fist. “You are going to regret your words Falcon.” I was going to beat the good back into him. Someone get me a sledgehammer, I have some happy thoughts to implant!

“Stop, this is not going to work!” Dru shouted from behind me.

“What do you mean, Druskin?” Falcon asked.

“Let her choose, good or evil,” Dru replied walking up to me. He stepped in front of me, partially at least, to protect me in case Falcon lunged forward to attack again.

“What is the meat of the deal?” Falcon tilted his head as he spoke.

“We cannot force Samantha to choose, or seduce her into choosing.”

“No sex?” Falcon had a disappointed look on his face, but I’m sure mine was worse. I couldn’t sleep with either of my men?! This was totally not fair, I am a woman, I need sex and to feel loved.

“With anyone,” I interjected, thinking for a moment. I didn’t want the unhappy Falcon to go off on a “using women like tissues” spree because he couldn’t have me. “This is a deal about me so I get a say. You two can’t sleep with me or other people.”

“Pick a time or event to be the end date,” Dru commanded, sorrow was dancing in his eyes. Was he sad about losing me as a girlfriend, kind of losing me at least? No, way, Dru doesn’t really like me, I’m sure. He, he couldn’t have meant it when she said he loved me.

I rolled my eyes. “Prom,” I answered. Prom was always the big date in teen movies, so, why not? “And, on that whole sex note, I have a new add on. I can enjoy either of you just not going as far as sex. I don’t want to be forbidden to kiss or anything.”

“Yes.” Falcon smiled. “By prom, without any force, seduction, or…” He looked at Dru harshly. “Forbidding Samantha to see one of us…” Falcon looked at me again. “You, Samantha, will have to choose good or evil. Dru or I.”

“Deal,” We all three said in unison.

Falcon turned, and stormed off. The boy at the desk counter was in an unblinking stare, looking at me like I was flying off the freaking handle.

“Go back to work,” I hissed. Turning, I smiled up at Dru. “Dru, is the Sam of this world really your girlfriend?”

“Yes. Mazeena told me about your world. She said I wasn’t your, how did she phrase it, ‘Future Hubby Cherry Picker’ in your world.”

I giggled. That sounded like Mazeena. “So, you know in my world I love Falcon.”

“Don’t worry.” Dru grinned. “I’ll win you back. We are hand fasted after all.”

“hand fasted? We’re married?” I think the world had just came to a crashing halt!

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